The communities that formed along the rivers flowing out of the West Elk mountains in western Colorado comprise an area known as the North Fork Valley. The name comes from our main river, the North Fork of the Gunnison River.

Two sides of the North Fork Valley are national forest: the Gunnison National Forest to the east and north, which includes the West Elk Wilderness and Raggeds Wilderness, and the Grand Mesa National Forest to the north. The southern boundary is the Black Canyon, which includes Black Canyon National Park.

The North Fork Valley is a great place to live because of its proximity to the mountains. It’s hard to find a place that doesn’t provide spectacular views of the mountains or a 360-degree panorama from one of the many mesas.

The climate is four seasons, allowing for a long growing season for our many organic farms and orchards. One can often see snow-covered peaks while enjoying a warm, sunny day in the valley.

Recreational opportunities abound. You can hike, bike, hunt, fish, ski, snowshoe, ride horses, camp, snowmobile, 4-wheel … Surrounded by public lands, the North Fork Valley is a base area for explorations. Climb a mountain or down into a canyon! Fly-fish a stream or canoe across a mountain lake. Ride past a desert landscape of sagebrush and pinyon into a forest of aspen and pine.

For less strenuous options, consider wine-tasting at a high-altitude vineyard, visiting a community owned art center or theater, or listening to live music.

What our clients say

Hi Bob & Linda: Just thought I would write to you two and let you know my thoughts on the real estate transactions that you brokered for me. I have dealt with a lot of real estate brokers in the last 40 years and am very cautious when buying or selling in a new area. I called on one of your listings and talked to you at length about it. I was engaged in a large 1031 exchange so I was looking for a broker with expertise in this area. I came to your area and looked over the ranch I had called about and it wouldn't do so we started looking for something that would work for us. You folks were so professional and you really did a lot of digging for us. When we made several offers on ranches you really did your homework and I was impressed by your work ethic. We ended up purchasing a ranch thru you and were really pleased. It was a painless 1031 Exchange transaction. A year later you called me and told me you had a buyer who wanted our ranch that you had sold us and you asked if I wanted to sell the place. I said I wasn't really looking to sell but if the price was right and I could find a replacement ranch I would consider it. A month later we had the property closed and again it was so smooth. You two are absolutely the finest professional Realtors I have ever worked with. I am pleased not only to have you as my real estate professionals but consider you as good friends also. Good friends are way more important to us than the business stuff. Thank you again,

— Bob and Yvonne Neary