Should I price my home low or high?

Sellers not in a hurry to sell may set their price high. They think, “If someone offers us a high price, great. If not, we don’t really need to sell right away.”

The danger is that the home or ranch becomes stale from being on the market too long. Other brokers get jaded and don’t show the listing as often. Buyers are savvy to how long a property has been on the market and ask “What’s wrong with it?” if it hasn’t sold within a reasonable amount of time.

Overpricing a home frequently results in a lower selling price. Pricing competitively at the beginning creates a sense of excitement over a new listing and can result in multiple offers.

An overpriced home excludes many potential buyers because it’s out of their price range; it may actually help other sellers because buyers compare the overpriced house to similar listings and realize the other properties are good deals in comparison.

Appraisals are usually required when a buyer obtains financing; an appraiser will discover a property is overpriced.

To list your Paonia or Delta County home at just the right price, contact Bob and Linda Lario today for that competitive selling edge!

What our clients say

We have been supported by Bob and Linda in our land search in the North Fork Valley for about a year, and we feel very well taken care of throughout this entire process. We have been looking for something very specific and Bob has been with us every step of the way. He knows so much! He is incredibly versed with knowledge of this valley’s land and water rights. If we have a question, he will have an answer or quickly find the answer to it. He is an experienced Realtor and is helpful in negotiating and structuring contracts that are always professional and reasonable. We couldn’t ask for a kinder, generous, and more encouraging person to help us daily as we continue to find our spot! Thanks Bob and Linda!

— Sarah Brody and Bryant Mason