When you’re ready to find your special place on Colorado’s Western Slope, the Lario Team is ready to back you up with all of our hard-earned skills and contacts.

Everyone’s dream is different.  Maybe you want a gorgeous mountain retreat with big views and your own fly-fishing stream.  Perhaps a working orchard with good water rights is more your style. Whatever you’re looking for, we can guide you to it. But finding the perfect property is just the beginning. You’ll need expert guidance to negotiate the purchase. Price is one factor, but other issues to consider include water rights, conservation easements, mineral rights and utilities.  Western land sales can get mighty complicated, mighty fast.

The Lario Team specializes in one-of-a-kind Western Slope properties and Delta County real estate, and no one is better at representing a buyer’s interests. Our service is unmatched — that’s why we work with more buyers than any other team in our region.

Service: We know there are lots of real estate agents out there and we’re honored that you’re considering working with the Lario Team. We repay your trust with superior service. We notify you as new properties come on the market, we stay in contact, and we never forget who we’re working for … you.

Knowledge: We really shine when it’s time to make an offer. Because we specialize in premier Western Slope properties, we’re better at avoiding the problems that can plague rural land sales in Western Colorado. You don’t want any mistakes made during your purchase.  After all, you’ll be living with the results (and paying for them) for a long time. No one avoids mistakes better than the Lario Team. We handle all transaction details, including potential conservation easements, contract scheduling and review, water law issues, utilities, signatures, easements and all the other 1,001 details that go into a successful purchase. And we communicate with you throughout, so you feel confident and informed while making one of life’s biggest decisions.

We’re eager to work with you!  Western Slope and Delta County real estate is our passion, and matching people and properties is what we do best. Give us a call or contact us today!

What our clients say

When I listed my property with Bob and Linda Lario in 2017, I knew it would be a difficult property to sell; however, I had no idea just how complicated and draining the process would be. I truly believe that without Bob and Linda as my Realtors, the property would still be for sale and I might be in some sort of lock-up! I cannot recommend them highly enough. Although the property had a lot of positives, it also had a bundle of negatives, that, at times, seemed to be total deal killers. From the beginning Linda was on top of all the complicating details regarding water rights and title. Bob was turning the negatives into positives and focusing on making the property desirable to buyers. It’s hard to put into words the qualities of attention to detail, creativity, professionalism, commitment, knowledge and skill that the Lario Team brought to the table. The expertise gained through their years in the business made all the difference. There wasn’t a single problem that couldn’t be solved or frayed nerve (mine and others’) that couldn’t be calmed. And, in the end, I received nearly my full asking price! It was a pleasure doing business with them; wish I had more land to sell!

- Leah Audin